Legal Age of Female

During the 20th century, most Middle Eastern countries followed the Ottoman precedent in defining the age of proficiency, while increasing the minimum age to 15 or 16 for boys and 15 to 16 for girls. A marriage that has not yet reached the age of majority requires the consent of a judge and the […]

Legal Age in Colorado to Move Out

A child is emancipated when he or she reaches the “age of majority”. The purpose of creating an “age of majority” was to create an age where people are generally financially and legally responsible for themselves. The age of majority or if you are a legal adult in the OC like other states is […]

Legal Age for Crab Pots Qld

Commercial fishers are required by law to report information on their fishing activities in a mandatory daily logbook. All shrimp fishers must provide data on their daily catch, fishing location, fishing gear used and all interactions with species of conservation interest. Fisheries Queensland uses this data to assess and monitor the status of individual […]

Legal Af Podcast

The midweek edition of the LegalAF x MeidasTouch news podcast is back for another hard-hitting “real-time” look. Read more Top legal experts RESPOND to the most important legal news of the week – Legal AF 10.09.22 In this edition of LegalAF Midweek, MeidasTouch`s top-rated legal news podcast, hosts Michael Popok and Karen Friedman-Agnifilo discuss […]

Legal Advice Privilege and Its Relevance to Corporations

It is also more difficult to determine the lawyer in corporate communications. In some jurisdictions and situations, privilege may include paralegals and legal service assistants. In some companies, certain departments or groups, such as regulatory, internal or escalated investigations, act in a quasi-legal role or at the request of the legal department. In other […]

Legal Advice California

For tips on how to find the right lawyer, questions to ask when hiring a lawyer, and how to avoid fraud, check out our free legal information. Individuals received legal advice and representation to access health care and key benefits of the safety net. We are strongly committed to holistic legal aid for low-income […]

Legal Action of Trade Union

During Spain`s transition to democracy, left-wing organizations became legal again. In modern Spain, trade unions now contribute massively to Spanish society and, in turn, are the main catalyst for political change in Spain, with cooperatives employing large sections of the Spanish population, such as the Mondragon Corporation. The unions are now leading mass protests […]

Legal Access Technologies

One of the fundamental principles of access to justice is physical access to the judicial system and to a trial. While technology has advanced in this regard thanks to telephone hearings, Fuller notes that the pandemic has accelerated technology adoption – the need has surpassed historical constraints. He points out that the introduction of […]

Legal 500 Rajah Tann

“The team is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They take both a business and legal perspective and act as a true partner to the businesses they support. It is extremely easy to work with them and quickly establish trust and relationships with their customers. We have worked with a few law firms in Singapore and […]

Legal 500 Contact Information

We recommend that you provide additional information – the more, the better. However, if something is confidential, make sure it is clearly marked as “confidential”. While we make every effort to review all documents sent to us, late submissions may not be reviewed in detail by our research team, and some or all reviewers […]