Open and locked knives, stiletto heels, daggers, ballistic knives, switch blades with blades over 1.5″, double-edged blades and dirt also cannot be legally placed in a car. Any backrest with a padlock that can be pulled into the locked and open position is illegal to carry. Any form of sharp cutting edge on the back of a knife will make the blade considered double-sided. Bowie knives with sharp clips are therefore considered double-sided blades and should therefore not be worn openly or otherwise. Again, this can be a fluid definition, so I`d be incredibly cautious. It is assumed that a knife found in a vehicle is in the possession of each occupant of the vehicle. This means you could get in trouble if you drive in a car with someone who has an illegal knife, even if you don`t know it. The exceptions are if the knife is out of sight of the occupants (if it is considered the property of the owner of the vehicle), it is on the person of one of the occupants or the vehicle is a cabin and the knife is in the passenger compartment, in which case it is considered the possession of all passengers. If there are no passengers, it is assumed that it belongs to the taxi driver. It is legal to possess ballistic knives, Bali songs, switch knives, automatic knives, dirks, daggers, stiletto heels, stabbed knives, camouflaged knives, undetectable knives, large knives and Bowie knives. There are no prohibited types of knives. It is legal to open any knife.

You can hide any ordinary pocket knife or hunting knife. KRS 500,080 was recently cancelled, making it illegal to carry other knives in concealment. It is legal to possess Bali songs, disguised knives, bowies, star throws, throwing knives and any purpose for which a person has a reportable legal purpose of possession. It is illegal to possess a weapon for the purpose of using it illegally. Keep in mind that what is considered “illegal” can be fluid. I carry a hidden hunting knife everywhere I go, I`m from Mississippi, but I`m moving to SC in a month, I`ll still be able to carry it and not get into trouble! You can legally carry any type of knife. Do not take a knife with you to the institution, court or prison. (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3), (Source 4), (Source 5) A person cannot be convicted of illegal possession of a knife if they use it for hunting or fishing, if the knife is legal and suitable for such activities, and if they have a valid hunting or fishing licence. When such a knife is transported, it must be enclosed in a crate or in the trunk of the vehicle in which it is transported.

A person may be charged with possession of a dangerous weapon if there are circumstances that may lead to a presumption that the knife is possessed for an illegal purpose. I was personally surprised by the ridiculousness of Wyoming`s knife law. You can legally own any type of knife. It`s illegal to hide while carrying a “deadly weapon” in Wyoming (because bad guys deserve to know you have a gun). Any device reasonably capable of causing death or serious bodily injury is considered a lethal weapon. Motorized vehicles and animals can also be considered deadly weapons in certain circumstances, so it`s best not to hide one either. Frying pans have proven to be deadly weapons in previous court cases, so literally everything in Wyoming is considered a deadly weapon. You can legally carry any type of knife. New Jersey`s Knives Act prohibits the possession and carrying of gravity knives, dirks, daggers, stop knives, ballistic or dangerous knives for no explainable reason.

It should be noted that having a knife in your home is a legal goal, but self-defense outside your own home is not allowed. It is legal to possess Bali songs, dirks, daggers, knife knives, stiletto heels, bowies, automatic knives, gravity knives and camouflaged knives. There are two categories of people who are not allowed to possess “dangerous weapons”. Montana seems to have some of the best knife laws in the United States. What for? Because they don`t seem to have any. Montana seems to value freedom more than other states. Only firearms can be considered hidden weapons in Montana. You can legally own any knife in Montana. Nothing is illegal to possess knives. You can hide any knife in Montana. Bringing knives with blades of 4″ or larger or swords to school is illegal.

(Source 1), (Source 2) As far as I know, yes. However, if you attack someone with a knife because you feel threatened, everything should be fine, but you will probably have to fight in court. Bali songs, dirks, daggers, stiletto heels, thin knives, camouflaged knives, undetectable knives, throwing stars, throwing knives, Bowie knives, large knives, switch blades and automatic knives are all legal. Concealed carrying of an automatic knife is illegal. Any other knife is legal for overt or concealed carrying. No knives in schools, on school buses, at school events or in vocational schools. Certain local laws apply. (Source 1) (Source 2) (Source 3) (Source 4) (Source 5) In Oregon, switch blades fall into the category of “pocket knives” and can be legally hidden. Fishermen, hunters and trappers can carry any blade they want, as long as it is used specifically for these purposes. Lethal weapons are illegal in schools or school-sponsored activities. Violating Connecticut`s knife laws can land you 3-5 years in jail, which is pretty draconian, so be aware. (Source 1), (Source 2) Colorado law allows citizens to legally possess almost any knife, such as a switch blade or gravimeter, except for a ballistic knife.

It is also legal to possess pocket knives or other types that have a blade no more than three and a half inches, whether concealed or opened. It is only illegal to carry a “restricted” knife in or near certain places. Everything else works. Restrictions on carrying do not apply to a person`s vehicle as long as the weapon is carried for lawful purposes. South Carolina`s law specifically excludes “dirks” and “knives” from the concealed carrying law unless they are used with intent to commit a crime or promote a crime. However, the concealed carrying law covers “any other type of weapon, device or object that can be used to inflict bodily injury or death.” So, while it may be legal to carry a hidden Dirk or knife, it could become illegal if the carrier is transported hidden under certain circumstances. One of them and a backup knife clipped inside the pants are all the protective knives you need. Get your hidden gun licence to carry a firearm anyway. You may have serious legal problems if you are in one of the following locations or within 1000 feet of them (even if they are on a street or sidewalk), a public housing agency, a public park, a courthouse, a school, a transit authority, a courthouse or other school-owned school bus stop, is rented or contractually agreed. (Source) Nevada`s knife laws allow people to possess and carry knives in public, though there are a few exceptions. Permission is required for concealed wearing of certain blades. People also need permission from the sheriff to carry knives with a blade larger than three inches.

It is illegal to brandish knives when two or more people are present or in a school. It`s tommy on my daughter`s phone is it acceptable to carry a ski knife in sc restrictions exist for cannabis establishments, liquor establishments, prisons, courthouses or school buses.

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