Would you like to give this song a different interpretation? Send it to significatocanzoni@gmail.com The video, directed and produced by Roberto Tafuro, was released on July 25, 2011 via Caparezza`s YouTube channel. [6] Results: 293. Exactly: 293. Response time: 79 ms. This attitude, according to the singer-songwriter, “has produced a new generation of politicians over the past fifteen years who now know that it is possible, often in broad daylight.” [5] The play is therefore dedicated not only to the Prime Minister at the time, Silvio Berlusconi, but also to all those who will come later, “because once you have paved a road, anyone can pass”. [4] [5] The sentence “I am a future president, but I give one on the Maria, because I am fighting, but for my declaration of legalization” refers to the various accusations of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who must “fight” to defend himself against the various accusations against him, so that he does not care about the question of the legality of the Mariujana, Because he has much more to “legalize”: himself. In the fight against prohibition, Rasta men and all activists have invited and invited to spread everywhere (parks, landscapes, forests) the seeds of ganja, another name for cannabis, and sensimilla, the name of a coveted variety of marijuana, which is genetically crossed so as not to give seeds and therefore produce many more flowers (from which the precious resin is extracted). A dialectal distortion of “Bob Marley”, king of reggae, the struggle for civil rights and anti-prohibition of weed, we know that financiers and police do not hesitate to arrest ordinary, decent and harmless citizens, who grow cannabis plants at home, while turning away from the real and very serious crimes of the powerful. The twelfth track on the album Legalize the Premier is a political reggae song sung in duet with singer Alborosie. According to Caparezza, the passage speaks of a “seed that has been inoculated into the Italian political system” so that those who reach the top of the political ladder know that they can “change the laws according to their wishes, for their own use and consumption,” for example, “to decriminalize the crimes that affect them.” [3] [4].

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