The program was created on January 17, 1993 at 13:00 as one of the attractions of the Silvio Santos program. In the early years, the format was based on musical performances, gymkhanas with famous ones. Among the most striking paintings of this period are the « Taxi do Gugu », « Feeling in the Skin », « Gugu na Minha Casa » and the Gymkhana « Eles contra Elas », which contained jokes such as « Prova do Tato », « Prova do Desenho », « Mão no Bicho ». Not to mention the most famous and controversial image in the history of the program, the « Gugu bathtub ». Another hit was « Good Cool Day, » which involved waking up with a horn. Initially commissioned by Otávio Mesquita and then by the duo ET & Rodolfo The program is known to be a family entertainment where there is no age limit. Therefore, The Cool Sunday is light and guarantees a lot of laughter from the audience. In 1996, the program had a journalistic core that first reported on the murder of PC Farias and reported on the air crash of the Mamonas Assassinas group on March 2, 1996, in which the program was the guide of the public throughout its exhibition. [5] It is also the kidnapping of Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano`s brother, the accident of singer Herbert Vianna, the Carandiru rebellion and the summer floods in São Paulo.

The same helicopter used in the frame also served as the journalistic core of the program, which was inserted in 1996. With Sonia Abram and Silvana Kieling as part of « Urgent News » alongside Commander Hamilton. The attraction made several reports at the time, such as the murder of PC Farias, the kidnapping of the brother of the duo Zezé di Camargo & Luciano, the accident of singer Herbert Vianna, the rebellion of Carandiru and the floods in São Paulo. If you love the attractions of SBT and want to know how to participate in the Domingo Legal 2021 program, look no further! All the tables and attractions of the program, summarized here. In 2013, a resumption of Passover or Reposa begins. The program, which is considered « the fuse » of Portioli`s career, is included as a framework in the program. Initially, the painting followed the format shown between the late 1980s and early 2000s (previously recorded). Soon, the format was adapted for « live ». Most of the time, it was « broken » among other frames and formats displayed in the program. The show was originally a Sunday version of the classic Live the Night. Saturday evening program, which Gugu Liberato dedicated as moderator.

Another of the many programs directed by the host, such as Corrida Crazy, Passa or Repassa, Cidade Contra Cidade, Programa de Vídeos, TV Animal, Nações Unidas, among others In 2013, the program Passa or Repassa was taken over, one of the most outstanding programs of the channel became a framework of the DL. In 2014, there was the premiere of the paintings « Who is this villa? », « Flow or buoy » and « Turn around, you have to kiss ». In addition to the return of « The Princess and the Commoner » and the premiere of the reality show « The Paranormals ». In August 2015, Legal Sunday lost its two hours due to the premiere of Disney World and aired from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. On the 17th, the police concluded that the video was a hoax and was involved in the production of the show. The « bandits » were actually men recruited by the production, and the interview was improvised in the parking lot of the station. Hamilton Tadeu dos Santos, Barney, who provided SBT services, admitted the fraud.

One of the men who acted like a bandit claimed he was paid 150 reais for the fake interview and revealed that behind the camera was a poster with the key points he was supposed to address. In August 2015, the premiere of The Disney World program aired Sunday Legal from 1pm to 3pm. To make up for the lost two hours, Celso Portiolli gets a second version of the program called Sabadão, which will air Saturday night. [8] New features included the first of the paintings Você Não Vale Nada, But I Like You, Desperate Measures, Sushi TV and Legal Game; In addition to the return of the Crazy Pool and the Urban Legends framework and Legal Telegram. It was one of the first programs to use the Internet to interact with the public in the late 1990s. Along with messages sent by viewers via email or on a messaging site, they were displayed at the live attraction. Other highlights of the time include the painting « The Princess and the Commoner », commissioned by Netinho de Paula, where a selected viewer won a real « Princess Day » with the right to limousine, champagne and a transformation of the look. In addition to the « Gugu helicopter », which flew over the city of São Paulo every Sunday and threw objects such as the « Excellent Paraquedas » into the sky. However, after the scandal surrounding the fake interview with CCP members, the image of the show was burned in front of the public and lost its hearing. It increased from an average of 18 points in 2003 to 12 points in 2006. This reduced the budget of the attraction by the resort.

And Gugu constantly received invitations from Record to hire him. 7. In November 2021, an edition in honor of Marília Mendonça, victim of a plane crash in Caratinga, Minas Gerais, was broadcast, which also relied on journalistic coverage of the accident, in addition to some moments of Marília in the program and the transmission of excerpts from her programs. For this reason, an edition of the Passa or Repassa table scheduled for this day has been cancelled. The next day, journalists quoted Gugu as being heavily criticized. Marcelo Rezende on RedeTV`s Citizen Reporter! said the interview was a liar, and Datena told Brazil Urgent that the interview caused panic in her family. And even threatened to sue the host and Silvio Santos. With indications that the report would have been a fraud, in addition to the civil police of São Paulo launched an investigation for complaints about veracity, on the 15th. Gugu went to Hebe Camargo`s show and reiterated that the interview was true, still apologizing to those threatened by the duo and saying he was unaware of the report, which trusts Wagner Maffezoli.

It is a program that was founded in 1993 and had as moderator the icon Gugu Liberato. Currently, Celso Portioli is responsible for the program, in which he has taken over the program since 2009. We will explain step by step what program tables are and all the information you need to know to be selected to participate in Legal Sunday 2021. These are the songs that were used in the program and on the images. Originally, the program was a version of Viva a Noite, previously presented by Gugu Liberato on Saturday nights, and was the first television program to use the Internet as a means of interacting with the audience, through news sent by viewers via the program page[4] and later via the UOL portal, aired during the broadcast of the program. Know that the Domingo Legal program allows you to look closely at the images and see Celso Portiolli face to face. It is important to mention that the program has an important social factor. Domingo Legal is also known for helping people change their lives, conquer the dream of owning their own home or having the chance to fully furnish the property. The program has gained the largest audience over the years and has become one of SBT`s most-watched programs. It received one of the highest marks on March 3, 1996, with coverage of the accident that killed the group Mamonas Assassinas, scoring an average of 37 points. From 1997, with the change of schedule, a historic and fierce public war began with the already traditional Domingão do Faustão. To stay in the public many Sundays.

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