Most of the laws passed during this year`s regular legislature will come into force on Monday. The new laws will come into force on August 1, 2022. The CROWN Act calls for updated employee handbooks, training programs, and other employment policies to make hairstyles aware of the many unique features that could trigger buy-in in the workplace. Laws have been passed regarding marijuana, sexual assault, hairstyles and speeding. To see a list of bills that have been signed, vetoed or allowed to come into force without a signature, click here. If you click on the law number, the invoice page will appear and you can see the process and read the full law yourself. Under Louisiana`s latest laws, police can stop drivers under the age of 18 who are talking on their phones or drivers who send text messages while driving. Previously, these were secondary offences, meaning that drivers could only be fined if they had already been arrested for other traffic offences. The laws most likely to impact the daily lives of Louisianans are those that have evolved as matters of national interest.

For example, the use of cell phones while driving has caught the attention of legislators in the United States. As the dangers of distracted driving become more obvious, laws and penalties become more severe. BATON ROUGE, Louisiana. Several new laws passed during this year`s Louisiana legislature will take effect on Monday, Aug. 1. Some laws affect marijuana, Atchafalaya pelvic bridge speeding, juvenile delinquency, sexual assault, and your hairstyle. To learn more about the new laws in Louisiana, visit | BATON RED Aug.

1, 2022 – Most of the new laws passed by Louisiana lawmakers during the annual legislature will take effect Aug. 1. Among the many laws that are becoming official today are Bill 391, which upholds fundamental liberty rights under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Bill 473, which maintains the 4th Amendment`s protection against improper searches. These are just two of the many pieces of legislation passed by this year`s Louisiana legislature that were passed on Sept. 1. August, which relate to marijuana regulation in the state, which also includes employment protections for state employees who use marijuana for medical purposes. Law 529 specifically prohibits discrimination based on « natural, protective, or cultural hairstyles, » which are defined as « afros, dreadlocks, twists, locs, braids, cornrow braids, Bantu knots, curls, and hair styled to protect hair structure or for cultural significance. » Lawmakers have also passed several unique pieces of legislation that are getting a little more attention. According to a new law, believers can now carry weapons to religious services in certain circumstances with the consent of the respective place of worship. Another new law requires every woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound and receive a copy of the photo.

House Bill 726 Rodney Lyons (D-Harvey) prohibits debt-based incarceration, also known as debtor prisons, in Louisiana. While the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that debt-based imprisonment was a violation of the 14th Amendment in Bearden v. 1983 of 1983. Georgia Fall, he still performs in Louisiana and elsewhere in the country. And because it continues to exist, there has been a national movement in recent years to officially ban it at the state level by passing laws in state legislatures and by decisions of state supreme courts. Now Louisiana has joined this movement. BOSSIER CITY, Louisiana. (KSLA) — August 1 marks the first day of several new medical marijuana laws in Louisiana. The 2022 regular session of the Louisiana legislature was busy, though there were only two notable new labor laws. 25 million More than 600 new laws went into effect in Louisiana, with varying degrees of intent and consequences. While some deal with evolving issues of national interest, others seek to clarify existing laws or increase penalties for existing crimes.

When it comes to hairstyles, the legislature and governor signed the Crown Act of Louisiana, which eliminates discrimination in hiring or housing and school based on how a person`s hair grows or is styled. At least a dozen other states have similar laws. Of course, for some, simply adding more than 600 new laws is controversial. As Jim Brandt, president of the nonpartisan Public Affairs Research Council, told the Times-Picayune, « Who would have thought we needed another 660 laws in Louisiana? » Several laws are designed to respond to evolving youth and technology issues. « At Louisiana Progress, we are committed to protecting people from state bullying, » said Peter Robins-Brown, executive director of Louisiana Progress. « That`s why we`ve worked closely with Rep. Lyons and Bryant on both bills. In addition to their direct impact on law enforcement, we believe these laws will bring comfort to Louisians who fear that their use of legal drugs or lack of financial resources will lead to arrest and imprisonment. These new laws complement Bill 247 passed in 2021, which decriminalizes possession of marijuana up to 14 grams and imposes fines rather than jail time. The city councils of New Orleans and Shreveport have also passed ordinances that support state law. Several laws have been passed that have changed the way sexual assault cases and victims are handled.

Some of the new laws reflect an attempt to fill existing gaps. For example, while cockfighting has been banned in the state for the past two years, a new law also criminalizes participation, betting, or buying an entrance ticket to cockfighting. Another law aims to create additional protection for historic neighborhoods and buildings by increasing penalties for vandalism in these areas. On the marijuana side, several laws have been passed that affect medical marijuana rules and criminal marijuana laws.

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