It offers online legal advice, telephone advice, free legal advice, free LPO training, legal documents, a free legal case management tool and many other legal software. 6. Let it be known and 7. Twenty19: and 8. InternShala: These websites are not only limited to law students, but cover the full range of internships, conferences, seminars and Plan B competitions held in India. A little hunting and rubbing will be worth it. India E-Justice India is one of the most trusted and popular legal websites in India. E-Justice India is dedicated to law students, lawyers and lawyers. The aim of E-Justice India is to provide education in the Indian legal sector.

Through this portal, we are moving towards the right to education. E-Justice India offers legal news, legal articles on the latest topics, summaries of major cases, law notes, free and advanced certificate courses, free legal advice, lawyer success stories, interviews with lawyers and judges and information about upcoming legal events. 2.7Kâ 55 a 8 Posts/Month Receive Email Contact Legal websites and blogs offer thinkers and readers a platform to reflect, research and exchange information for the general improvement and development of the law in the 21st century, when the world operates with the help of the Internet. Lawoctopus is like a boon for law students stuck in a secular law school. It works as an antidote for them when they have no idea about their legal career. It`s like a store for everything, where students find opportunities for calls for papers, moot court competitions, seminars and MUN, etc. Here, students share their internship experiences in different law firms and how to approach them. In addition, internships in various companies are also displayed.

They offer you the opportunity to publish articles and works of art that law schools largely ignore. They have various blogs where lawyers offer first-year students and law students career advice that gives them some ease in life in a law school. Lawctopus is a website exclusively for law students. He advises students on their careers, internships and other opportunities they can seize. It is one of the most popular and reliable websites. India Fastlegal is an online provider of legal services such as intellectual property registration and declaration, business registration, tax returns, legal compliance and annual filings, contract drafting, etc. 491 to 207 to 1 post/month Receive email Contact Law Times Journal India is one of the best e-learning websites about the law established in 2014. PathLegal is a directory of leading lawyers in India. It would also offer online legal advice, telephone advice, free legal advice in India, free LPO training, legal documents, a free legal case management tool and many other legal software. PathLegal has published detailed online LPO training material for free. Law students can gain LPO knowledge with their legal program. PathLegal WebApp enhances a lawyer/law firm to have and maintain a digital interaction with clients.

Uttar Pradesh, India My Rights offers free legal and legal advice and litigation tutorials at all levels, which have been read by more than 5 million people per month for litigants since 2020. We give advice on how to combat fake cases, especially marital disputes such as dowry, domestic violence, alimony, divorce, property disputes, cheque bounce and other cases 1.6Kâ 15 to 30 Posts/Year â May 2020 Email Contact us These websites are looking for legal guides on all standard topics: divorce, CPI, Cr. P.C. law, labour law, consumers, business, property and more. Looking at today`s world, it`s not easy to imagine living without the internet, especially when it comes to knowledge and research. Gone are the days when people spent hours in the library digging their heads deep into books. Now that technology is at the forefront, all we need is an internet connection and our reference websites to facilitate this whole process. They have provided the public with high-quality contributions to legal debates and innovative developments in the law. After getting the green light in 2008, law firms across the country set out to create websites. Many were (and still are) rudimentary questions that included little more than contact information and a list of lawyers. But some have been more ambitious, with blogs and articles – and lately even videos – on every conceivable aspect of the law and doing business in India.

Thank you all for providing your valuable websites. Lawctopus is a website reserved for law students. He advises students on their careers, internships and other opportunities. It is one of the most popular and reputable websites. Comments from LegalIndien; which number in the dozens and scores are perhaps the best insider knowledge a law student could wish for. Apart from job searching, if anyone is interested in reading about law and order… then a few other websites. The Wire Economic and Political Weekly India A drift is a movement or force that sets something in motion. The law itself means change, movement and evolution. It is a force that can force people to sacrifice their beliefs and dogmas. The law shapes the opinion of the masses over time.

The law has the ability to change people`s minds, and this legal force is the inspiration for our « Legal Drift » website. 137 at Nov 2009 Get Email Contact Legal websites and blogs offer a platform for thinkers and readers in the 21st century. In the twentieth century, the world used the Internet to reflect, research and exchange information on improvements in general and in building legislation. Most of these platforms are full of legally mandatory Indian data via legal online search engines. Blogs and websites take an in-depth look at Indian legislation and some even provide students with study materials. Below are some of the most well-known and visited legal blogs and websites in India that a lawyer, hobbyist or student follows: India KATCHERI. IN is based on the observation that the Indian people are not politically, legally, economically and socially capable and know the functions and mechanisms of our democratic institutions. We are trying to develop an answer by describing how legal doctrines make democracy work. 2.3Kâ 16 to 8 Posts/Day Receive Email Contact India Law Column is a legal web portal for law students, lawyers, academics, professionals and anyone interested in gaining legal knowledge. 2.8K â 1 post/day Get Email Contact New Delhi, Delhi, India WHITE BLACK LEGAL ISSN 2581-8503 is a freely accessible, peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to expressing current legal issues and thus generating a global flow of ideas on emerging topics. 30 Posts /Quarter Receive Email Contact Live Law offers Indian legal news, updates on the latest developments in law and related law firms, as well as information on law school news.

The aim is to make high-quality legal journalism accessible to all. for example: chambersandpartners indianlawyerclub Indialegalinformation 2nd LegallyIndia and 3rd Bar and Bank and 4th Three leading websites reporting on legal news; latest offers and lets you know how good or bad a law firm is; the people they hire and the places where they grow. Below are the 8 useful websites for law students. These sites will certainly help law students build their legal careers.

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